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About Us

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The Filmy Dhaba is a fully owned subsidiary of Agency 18 Marketing Pvt Ltd.
Bollywood plays a major role in influencing us about almost everything, be it life style, fashion, trends and food habits, so much so that we love to believe that the Reel is real! We all have creative instincts in us and wish to be filmy at times. At Filmy Dhaba we provide you the platform for fun while you eat your food.

The purpose of Filmy Dhaba is to serve you not just authentic old Delhi food but also, we strive to create unforgettable moments of joy and togetherness whenever you visit any of our units with your loved ones – friends, colleagues or family!

The tastes of Mughlai cuisine we serve vary from extremely mild to spicy, and are typically associated with a distinctive aroma and the taste of traditional spices. A Mughlai course as per Nuskha-i-Shahjahani is an elaborate vegetarian and non-vegetarian buffet of main course dishes with a variety of accompaniments.

While you are at The Filmy Dhaba, we expect you to have delicious food but also perform filmy acts to bring smile ‘n’ fun for the amusement of your loved ones. Who knows, you may like to deliver a filmy dialogue, sing a song or dance and earn free food just to make the whole food eating environment electrifying, nostalgic and unforgettable forever.

You have number of option to have food at home or anywhere else but filmy fun is guaranteed at Filmy Dhaba only. So therefore come to us with your loved ones and perform any filmy act and make your eating day out memorable at Filmy Dhaba~ Kyon ki, Idea Filmy Hai!

Who We Are

Aaliya Ilyasi

Director Operations

“Don’t give up, don’t take anything personally, and don’t take no for an answer,” is Aaliya’s Mantra. Fimy Dhaba Idea Filmy Hai is a brain child of Aaliya Ilyasi who is a talented, young entrepreneur with an Economics background.

Apart from overseeing the company and restaurant’s business affairs, Aaliya finds enough time to pursue her singing passion. Aaliya is a vocalist and sings contemporary popular music. Legendry Ghazal Shehanshah Ustad Ghulam Ali Khan Sahib says that ‘business ho ya gaana Aaliya hamesha Sur me rehti hai’.

Fimy Dhaba Idea Filmy Hai is being run under the overall meticulous management of Aaliya Ilyasi.

Mohd. Shafi Ahmad

General Manager at 126 Noida

A competent professional with over 15 years of experience in F & B operations, Restaurant Management, Guest Relationship Management, Staff Management, Team Management and Training/Development.

Shafi Ahmed is adept in streamlining & managing operations with proactive planning. He has proven abilities in providing an end to end solutions right from developing to the successfully launching food and beverage products. Shafi is adroit in developing procedures, service standards and operational policies, planning & implementing effective control measures to reduce running costs of the units. An effective communicator with excellent people management, customer orientation and presentation skills he leads the 25+ team members.

He has successfully handled various restaurants & banquet operations with an Experience of over 15 years in Food Chains such as Karims, KFC and The Great Kabab Factory.

AK Tripathi

The Manger at 126 Noida

AK Tripathi has more than 10 years of experience and at Filmy Dhaba idea Filmy hai, he is entrusted with the day to day restaurant operations as per defined standard operating procedures (SOP). He is committed to ensure customers are happy and feedback is implemented.

Tripathi has a good understanding of F& B industry including Mughlai menu engineering. He was manager with Karim and has also experience of serving as Manager at ‘Social’ in New Delh

Abid Hussain

The Chief Chef, at 126 Noida

Abid Hussian has 25 years of rich experience in cooking Indian and traditional Mughlai dishes. Abid Hussain is a khandani cook and his forefathers have been cooking typical purani dilli mughlai food for generations for awamunnnas (masses) and awammun khawas (nobility). Abid specializes in popular culinary work as per Nuskha-i-Shahjahani, a record of the dishes believed to be prepared for the court of Emperor Shahjahan (r.1627-1658). Abid specializes in Korma, nahari, nānhā (breads), āshhā (pottages), qalīyas and dopiyāzas (dressed meat dishes), bhartas, zerbiryāns (a kind of layered rice-based dish), pulāʾo, kabābs, harīsas (savoury porridge), shishrangas and ḵẖāgīnas (omelette), and khichṛī; and shīrīnī (sweets).